Experience-based learning

We aim to narrow the gap between the ‘artificial learning environment’ of the classroom and the real world, by embedding learning in the real, physical, social, economic world in which we live. We aim to do this at the most local level as well as the national and international. We believe Herefordshire is a special place, for its rich history, its stunning environment and its wide variety of people. We hope to nurture in our children a pride in their home as well as an openness to and celebration of the wider world in which we live.

This is an approach that will take time to fully implement. Whilst it can appear, at first glance, to be a radical step away from the standard classroom experience, it is well supported by the international goals of the IPC. However, to really reach its full potential it requires teachers, parents and other stakeholders to invest time, energy and sometimes money into trips, visitors and resources that allow, for example, a literacy lesson on recipe formats to transform into a designing, cooking, tasting, publishing and sales experience.

– Bread and soup making –

With the experiential (and global) approaches intrinsic in the IPC and with the generous support of The Wyche School, we are confident experience-based learning can be achieved at Michaelchurch. Students will become more invested in their learning, and will progress more quickly and happily as a result.

Watch this space!

 – At the wonderful Hay Festival; books, books and more books…! –