1. What does the class structures look like?

The school currently runs on a 4-class system:

  • Squirrel Class – Preschool and Reception
  • Acorn Class – Years 1 & 2
  • Sapling Class – Years 3 & 4
  • Oak Class  – Years 5 & 6

2. How are wet playtimes managed at Michaelchurch?

At Michaelchurch we are not frightened of a little rain and children are given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Our maxim is, ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.’ Consequently, children are asked to make sure they always have waterproof clothing in school and we have a back-up supply of wet weather gear that they can tap into if they find themselves without a coat. Obviously there are times when the weather is too severe for even the hardiest souls, in which case activities are provided to occupy the children during their breaks, such as reading or art activities and we have a selection of puzzles and games. That said, despite our lofty location, days when we cannot get fresh air are few and far between.

3. Do you provide hot school meals?

A delicious and nutritious hot meal is available to all children who ask for it at a small cost and free of charge to all children in KS1. The meals are cooked off-site at a local restaurant and are to a very high standard.

4. How will the children get to school?

The school will continue to be subject to the LA’s school transport policy. In addition, we have our own mini-bus to transport from further out of the catchment area. This originates from Hay and has stops in Clifford, Dorstone, Peterchurch and Vowchurch.

5. How can I register my child for Michaelchurch Primary with the Local Authority?

Just follow this link to the Herefordshire Council School Admissions page to find the relevant form that applies to your child(ren). If you have any questions about what which form would be required in your circumstance, please contact our school administrator Mark Holloway on 01981 510208.

6. I am interested in the Flexi-school Programme, how does this work?

Children are required to attend school Tuesday to Thursday. You can choose to educate at home on Monday and/or Friday. Flexi-schooling is available throughout the school. For more information please see the Flexi-school Programme page under the Our Curriculum tab or telephone the school on 01981 510208.