Apply for a Place

Deadline for applications –  1st May 2022

 If you would like to apply for a preschool place for September 2022 please take the time to read our Admission Policy below.

Preschool Admissions Policy

How to apply for a preschool place

To apply for a place, please copy and paste this link into a new window and complete our Admissions Form:

The deadline for this form is the 1st May.  If we receive applications after this date, we will allocate places according to availability.   Following the 1st May, we will notify all families within 2 weeks (or sooner) regarding the allocation of spaces. 

Due to limited spaces in preschool, in order to provide all families with a preschool place, we may need to limit the amount of days per week.  However, please apply for as many days as required.  We would also encourage new families to book two days in order to help settle your child and establish routines.

Existing Preschool Families who already have children in preschool will still need to complete a new application form for the following year, however your existing days will be honoured if requested.