Michaelchurch Ramble

Although it rained heavily on Thursday night and early Friday morning, by 9am the wind had died down a bit and the sun, unbelievably, came out. It was still rather chilly however as we set off down the hill towards Elke’s woods for the first half of our outdoor learning day. Our first stop was to check on our Mink raft. To our great excitement we found water vole and otter tracks! After that we moved onto the woods and despite the cold, the children had a great time with their learning transferred from the classroom to the outdoors. Teachers took a range of maths and English activities with them. For example, Oak Class used the ‘advanced stick method’ to calculate the height of trees within the woods, making use of maths skills learnt in the classroom. In the afternoon, we headed up the hill to the site f the old Cefn Road, an ancient Roman route above the Escley and Monnow valleys. From there we were able to survey the beautiful valley our school sits in and appreciate the geography of our locality.

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