Sports Day 2015 – Photos

IMG_0294small IMG_0296small IMG_0297small IMG_0298small IMG_0299small IMG_0300small IMG_0301small IMG_0304small IMG_0305small IMG_0306small IMG_0307small IMG_0308small IMG_0309small IMG_0311small IMG_0312small IMG_0313small IMG_0314small IMG_0315small IMG_0316small IMG_0317small IMG_0318small IMG_0319small IMG_0320small IMG_0321small IMG_0324small IMG_0326small IMG_0327small IMG_0328small IMG_0329small IMG_0330small IMG_0331small IMG_0332small IMG_0333small IMG_0337small IMG_0338small IMG_0340small IMG_0341small IMG_0343small IMG_0344small IMG_0345small IMG_0346small IMG_0350smallThe weather was perfect for the 2015 Michaelchurch Escley Primary School Sports Day. Watched by family and friends, the children battled through the obstacle course, sprinted, bounced in sacks and wobbled their way to the finish in the three legged race. And at the end, Welly Wanging, a highly appropriate Michaelchurch finish! There was plenty of cake, oranges and ice pops for everyone and we all had a super afternoon!

IMG_0291 IMG_0285 IMG_0280 IMG_0270 IMG_0265 IMG_0260 IMG_0255 IMG_0250 IMG_0249 IMG_0239 IMG_0233 IMG_0229 IMG_0224
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