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Below are links and documents to assist children with their learning.


Have a go at one of the games in the link below to help make spelling more enjoyable:

Fun Spelling Activities

Times Tables

In  the  table  below  are  the  National  Curriculum  times  tables   expectations  for  each  year  group.  The  children  will  be  assessed on   their  times  tables  knowledge regularly  in  school.


Phonics Teaching

Our Phonics booklet outlines thee teaching process for phonics at Michaelchurch, and gives some handy advice for supporting your child.

Parent booklet

Helpful Phonics Teaching Links

Read, Write, Inc Set 1

Read, Write, Inc Set 2

These pages show the phonetic sounds in the order the children learn them. Each page shows the sound, words which use that sound and the rhyme used to help the children remember it or learn how to write it. There is space on each for children to practise their writing – you are welcome to print them off for your child to practise at home.

Set 1

m, a, s, d and t Words to practise reading and writing: mat, sat, sam, mad, sad, dad

i, n, p, g and o  Words to practise reading and writing: in, on, it, an, and, pin, got, dog, sit, tip, pan, gap, dig, dot, top and nonsense words like ip, op, sop, gip, pog

c, k, u and b Words to practise reading and writing: bin, cat, cot, can, kit, mud, up, cup, bad, back, kick, lock and nonsense words like tog, bon, pim, bup

f, e, l, h and sh Words to practise reading and writing: met, set, fan, fun, fat, lip, log, let, had, hit, hen, ship, shop, fish, sack and nonsense words like gof, shup, hib, fot, gock

r, j, v, y and w Words to practise reading and writing: red, run, rat, jog, jet, jam, vet, yap, yes, yum, web, win, wish, wet, sock and nonsense words like yosh, vib, hesh, shib, rof

th, z, ch, qu, x, ng and nk Words to practise reading and writing: thin, thick, this, zap, zips, chin, chop, chat, quiz, quit, fox, box, fix, six, sing, bang, thing, wing and nonsense words like chonk, vink, bing, quof, shep

Set 2

ay, ee, igh and ow     oo, oo, ar and or     air, ir, ou and oy

Set 3

ea, oi, a-e and i-e     o-e, u-e, aw and are     ur, er, ow and ai     oa, ew, ire, ear and ure

Letter formation

We introduce cursive letter formations from the beginning ready for the children to begin to use joined up writing in Year 2. The videos below show how we encourage the children to form letters:

Year 6 Grammar

Practise your prepositional phrases by playing this fun game! Prepositional Phrase Game

Progression in Written Calculation Strategies

Find out how we teach the four number operations at Michaelchurch Calculations Strategies Booklet


Learning websites that may be useful for certain elements of flexi-schooling

There are of course lots and lots of sites out there and it would be great to hear of others people have found useful. The sites below are varied and some are aimed at classroom teachers rather than parents, but can still offer ideas and useful content. Many of the websites offer limited free content and some also offer a subscription service which allows access to fuller content.


Let’s all help our children to ‘BE CURIOUS’ and enjoy their learning journey as much as possible through our school and beyond.