Our School

We are often asked how our school is different from other local primary schools. We have put together a list of features that make us clearly distinctive from other schools, plus a list of attributes that we believe we are particularly strong in. What follows is a summary only; you can read about each of these features in greater detail throughout our website.

How we differ from other local primary schools:

  • Use of the International Primary Curriculum: A National Curriculum-linked, topic-led approach to learning based on the latest understanding of child development through project-based learning. (See greatlearning.com/ipc/ for more info)
  • Different Early Years (EY) approach: A play-based, child-led learning environment for children up to 7 years old that allows learning through a variety of ways, laying a firm foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Topic and project-based learning: The topic-based approach to delivering curriculum works well in a classroom of mixed developmental abilities. Parents can be more involved at home with project-based homework.
  • Offer flexi-schooling on Mondays and/or Fridays: to accommodate those families who for various reasons wish to partially home-educate their children, and to help make our school an option for those families living further outside the catchment area.
  • School is located in an exceptionally beautiful, very rural location: An ideal location to take advantage of the outdoor classroom and is considered the “2nd most remote school in England” according to John Lewis Stempel in The Wild Life.

Features that we are particularly strong in:

  • Family atmosphere as a result of smaller class sizes and total school size kept small (max capacity 70).
  • Our ethos benefits ‘gap kids’ and children who learn in a more tactile way (e.g. gifted, SEN or just not engaging well in other schools for various reasons).
  • Mixed-age classes where children can learn from each other and progress at their own pace without stigma of ‘being left behind’ by others in their year group.
  • Strong parent and community support through active steering committees, PTA, Friends of Michaelchurch Escley Primary School (FOMEPS) and a dozen or more community volunteers.