About Our School – Quotes

– Choosing our tree –

Quotes from the Children:

‘There are lots of different people here at Michaelchurch. Everyone is individual. It’s OK to be different. It’s OK to be different here.’

‘I am happy at school because my friends are older and younger.’

‘There are unique people here. No people here are the same. They all have different personalities. So no-one gets left out.’

‘If someone was a bully here everyone would know and they wouldn’t have any friends and no one would play with them. You can’t be a bully in a small school.’

– A trip to Queens Woods –


‘Our school is a kind school because everyone helps make it kind.’

‘No one here has the need to be a bully, it’s not that kind of place.’

‘There is no bullying because everyone likes each other because everyone is nice, no one is scary, no one is mean, there are no bullies in my school.’

‘I am happy at school because teachers are relaxed and respectful and they trust you. Its not like my last school. I feel trusted here’.


Parents Quotes:

“Childhood as it should be! You do an amazing job, these children will be learning so much through their play and without doubt will heighten their love of learning being in such a happy environment.
They will look back one day and appreciate what a great school they went to and how you took them on the most hands on fun filled learning adventure!
Learning isn’t confined to a classroom xx”

“All schools should be like this, it has a family feel to it, with all the ages mingling naturally and everyone knowing everyone! My daughter adores going to school and wants to take part in all the fabulous clubs on offer – baking, gardening, bike club. They are outside so much and learning all the time without knowing it. Keep up all the hard work everyone – the children are so happy.”

“The school cares for children and enthuses them with a love of learning.”

“I feel the school captures the right balance of learning through outdoor activities and making learning fun through games and activities whilst still maintaining more traditional teaching activities to ensure the fundamentals of their development become engrained.”

“Very caring nurturing school. You feel your child is very well cared for and any concerns you have are acted on swiftly. Also a fun place to be.”

– Fun with clay –


“The school is unique and staff do seem to appreciate this! The children form strong bonds between the age groups, which gives the school a real family feel. We love that staff do genuine seem to care about the children.”

“Positive approachable staff.”

“The school creates a sense of community. Recognises the children as individuals. Recognises individual qualities, not just academic ones. The school uses laughter and humour as coping strategies, something my daughter has done more since being at Michaelchurch. She has also become a fluent, confident reader and made huge developments in Maths so the teaching must be pretty awesome too!”


Flexi-schooling Comments:

“Provides an opportunity for 1:1 learning – parent can see what child is/isn’t good at. Can be very fun and relaxing, allowing for events that may not be able to take place in class.”

“Flexi-schooling has been a great way for my two children to ease into fulltime education, as a sudden 5-day work week for them at 4-5 years old was definitely too much for them”