School Transport

Michaelchurch Escley Primary is a beautiful, little rural school tucked away beneath the Black Mountains, however that does make it more of a challenge to reach the school each day. Recent transport changes at the Local Authority* and more families wanting to attend from further outside the catchment area means that school transport is a highly important issue. Our school transport plan aims to: reduce physical and financial barriers to accessing our remote school; reduce the environmental impact of travel to and from school; and make the journeys as short and enjoyable as possible for travelling children. We will do this through offering a minibus service, promoting parent taxis (and informal lift-sharing), and keeping costs for all options lower than the flat rates of the Local Authority for children who reside out of catchment. We are open to ideas for keeping the bus fun (choir anyone?). The details of what are offering for children out of catchment is outlined below:


We are pleased to announce that we now have a school minibus from the Hay-on-Wye direction! The route:

  • Starts in Hay-on-Wye main carpark at 8am (returning 3:30pm) and goes via Clifford, Dorstone, Peterchurch and Vowchurch
  • Stops are limited to avoid extra travelling time for children. We have chosen easy drop-off/collect points with ample parking and in some cases play areas.


  • £150/term from Hay-on-Wye/Clifford and Dorstone
  • £100/term from Peterchurch and Vowchurch (discount applies as spare capacity permits)
  • Siblings 20% reduction
  • FREE for children who receive pupil premium.

The minibus will be available for trips during the school day, which we are looking forward to taking full advantage of this year.

Our aim is to have a second minibus bringing children to school from the Southern end of the Golden Valley from 2015/16.

Parent Taxis

A number of parents are already piloting a parent taxi scheme:

  • If you routinely drive to school, you can offer spaces in your car to a child/children who pay a contribution towards your running costs.
  • If you are unable to drive to school, the transport coordinator will try to find space for your child(ren) in a parent taxi.
  • Costs are calculated at 45p/mile, divided by the number of children in the car.
  • Some parents might never drive and others might do 7/10 trips – pricing is per journey.
  • There is a mutually agreed code of conduct, available on request (e.g. not to be late, not to cancel except in exceptional circumstances etc).
  • Fees are calculated and paid to the driver at the beginning of each half term.
  • Transport coordinator has a list of volunteers who can drive if the driver needs to cancel in exceptional circumstances.
  • If no profit is involved, the driver’s car insurance should not be affected.

There are currently spaces in parent taxis from:

  • Abbey Dore/Bacton
  • Peterchurch/Vowchurch
  • Kinnersley/Bredwardine

To book or offer a place on the minibus or a parent taxi OR for any queries please contact Emma Tebbutt:

*The new Herefordshire Council Transport Policy & table of proposed charges for 2015 can be found at the links below: